Step Beyond

Step Beyond
Waltz With Solitude
Ein Lied Fuer Dich
Change Of Paradigm
Bad Connection
Desperate Capriccio

Leave the Past Behind

Part 1
Part 2 (The Choice)
Part 3
Part 4 (After)
Part 5

Step Beyond

Step Beyond.

Fears - every epoch, every society has its own fears
They vary in their force and absurdity, only one is
Eternal.To step beyond it you must explain it to yourself
Only few know how easy it is
I have no balance in my heart I have no order in my
Mind. I have no patience in my heart I have no order in
My mind
Simple verity to fathom
Strange enough to make you wonder
On the edge of insanity there's no reason to conform
On the edge of insanity there's no greatness to achieve
Now I know that it's so easy
Neither name no relations and not a word to say
She was brought to the asylum in a semiconscious state
After nine days of silence the gave a fearful shout
She was staggered by something she wanted to pour out
It's time for you to know the thing that opened to my
Mind- the way to penetrate synthetic rules that make you
Blind. Now I know that it's so easy now I know enigma of the world it's so easy
Four psychiatrists were fallen dead because of heart
Attack they'd had on hearing what she said
To the coroner's question, "So what was it they heard?"
Uninvolved was the answer, "Enigma of the world"
He came out with the verdict "I knew that what she said" and was found in the morning with bullet in his head
It's dangerous to know the thing imprisoned in my
Mind.Inside me it will grow, if you're to live you must be
Blind. Now I know that it's so easy
Since then there's been nobody to hear from her a word
Of what she called so simply "Enigma of the world"
But I'm convinced no living one possessing reason can
Bear this knowledge without sharing it at all. And I can
See that as the only way to make it tolerable she must
Have written it somewhere on the wall. I'm here at last
Next to her door, one step inside may bring the worst
Where did you come from? I am trying to forget it.
Who are you? I am the one you've been waiting for
What makes you think so? I am ignorant enough not to learn and to believe but to know
What makes you think at all? Inability of others to accept the variety of life and inevitability of death
We'll have to wait
I feel like a god when I see her eyes
I feel calm enough to try and recognize my lot
Something makes me hope he doesn't lie, something
Makes me think I ought to try, something makes me trust
Something tells me. Only the beams of the setting sun can make some words visible.
Look here at the wall
Now I see this
Life's like a dice you cannot get all the sides
There's a possibility to win in no time
Provided you can welcome your defeat
But you must be ready not to:
Life's like a bike to avoid collapse you have to ride
There's a possibility to see what's round
Provided you forget about height
You can learn to do it if there is a...
Life's like a pen you can write until the ink runs dry
There's a possibility to picture yourself
Provided you know nothing of the ink
You should merely practice how to...
Now I know that it's so easy
In the yard of the clinic there is an ancient oak. It was
Damaged one evening by a cruel lightning's stroke
It still gives many acorns but I won't see them fall
In my cell I've discovered a hook fastened in the wall
It's dangerous to know the thing imprisoned in my mind
Inside me it will grow, if you're to live you must be blind
Now I know that it's so easy
For I'm too weak to keep this knowledge I'll go the only way to safely bury it
In the eyes of reality there's no answer to receive
In the eyes of reality there's no mercy to expect

Waltz With Solitude

I open the door of my house, it's dark inside. I touch the
Switch which knows nothing but my touch. I see the
Clock standing still for so many days (years).No one
Ever winds it but me but I cannot fight the time anymore
Sit down at the table and drink the wine.You'll enjoy the
Bouquet alone, the recipe is mine. I'm with you through
Your lifetime, make your breathing unbearable make
Your existence unreal never your heart being called upon
Standing and longing and facing the mirror
Hoping to see any face but mine
Solitude be my name, I'm your friend and the only one
Solitude be my name, all your hopes under my reign
Were people all around me they would hardly make a
Sense of it, their heavy liquid bodies would never Influence the time
Your existence is punishment for being different, for being indifferent to what is lifeless

Ein Lied Fuer Dich

Say you don't want me to go and to leave you, give me
One more chance to show how I need you, take me with
You in your dreams and I'll please you
Say what you want me to do so as not to lose you
I don't understand it. How my life can be so strange
I can't decide what's wrong in her for me the girl I see:
The riddle I cannot conceive. I know she is a special one
I'm sure she is the special one, but I do fear stone cold
To fall, "To know" means not "to feel" at all
I don't want the spring to come and see the winter retreat
I don't want the snow to melt and early nights to recede
Say how I could make you see: we've met to part nevermore
Say what will convince you that I am what you're looking for
She doesn't realize I can't force myself to accept the way she
Suggested she wants to play too big a part in my life really
I don't want her to be the one
How I hope you'll see how much you mean to my heart it is ready to begin beating a new time for you alone
So please don't you leave me on my own
Have not been changed by your persistence
The very time has altered me

Change of Paradigm

To release her - no way
To accuse her - in my way
One, two, three, for, five, six, seven, eight - how many hours I am to live...
My accomplices will die tomorrow morning but the
Sentence has not yet been passed on me. It was the best
Part I ever played and it must be the last one, but it is
Not my fault, my failure. The playwright is to blame
Conspiracy has been unveiled, a slip of tongue betrayed
Her. But she will not die with the others I want to see
Her play
Closed forever City Celestial
For I'm the king I've got the power to execute
The executioner's role
I am to play before the court, the sentence is really
Shocking. I've been performing since my childhood but
Never did my life depend on it. I have to move storms or
Else the gallows does well. The snug's awaiting me in
Hell. God damn the rhyme I want to live
She has the motive and the cue for passion, so will she
Drown the stage with tears? If she walks along the
Razor's edge, her farewell part gives her a new life
"His beard was as white as snow all flaxen was his poll
He's gone, he's gone and we cast away moan
God ha' mercy on his soul"
Her choice is devastative, how could she know about :
Her perfection is my ruination "Whatever you ask I will
Give you up to half my ... soul"
Rex tremendis majestatis qui salvandos salvas gratis salva me fons pietatis
You are a perfect actress but a poor language student

Bad connection.

This dialing drives me mad I cannot see the figures
Because of bitter tears that are filling up my eyes
This dialing drives me mad I cannot touch the dial
Because of shaking fingers and heavy-bleeding hands
Now I'm not at home, have another try, try some other
Time, time is not to waste, if you think I should hear
What I deserve say it after a while, the tone will let you start
This waiting drives me mad I cannot get an answer
Cannot stand the pain my bleeding hands are giving
This waiting drives me mad I cannot see the figures this
F**king dial is full of and moving hands are giving.This
Sound drives me mad I hardly hear it ringing because of
Dreadful noise coming from the creatures outside. This
Sound drives me mad I hardly hear the signal because
Of heavy blows my door is scarcely blocking
Your child is stillborn
The only woman in the world who's able to sustain the life of what is called the human race produced a breathless body
You hear me Adam? You are the last man in the world

Desperate Capriccio

I'm for you to smell me
I'm for you to touch me
Cut me break me
I adore the odour of the rose you've given me
But not a petal'll fall from this beloved bloom
I swear

Leave The Past Behind

Part 1

My hands are waist-belted, legs slipping got numb
Gun barrel hits my back, I stumble. Wild river below
Us, its noise makes me flinch, few steps and this abyss Roars under.
The ground swings all over real challenge this bridge.
No matter what happens go straight on.
I feel the guns behind they're leveled at my head
Зима пройдет и весна промелькнет, и ты ко мне вернешься, мне сердце говорит
I'm free now masks cover their faces no more
My way back took so long don't know what I'll find
Where is she what was she told

Part 2 (The Choice)

She's so close now. Timer's running
She's been keeping late hours in the lab and she
Seems to have done it, the thinnest way to pass away
Euthanasia in the state of euphory
Time to choose what's yours death or life
The choice so few daren't to deny
She will be the first to try her gas which is to make
Happy one's final hours. The glasses she puts on will
Control her eye movements so as to inject the antidote
Before it's too late
Sigh, if every sigh were so light If every smile were so
Happy, it feels like no one can ever make me do the
Things I thought would forever hold me, they go and
Wane I can hardly see now this world and me and our Medley.
Prove me that I have just one reason to
Change it when I have finally risen tell me I have no
Right to choose it. Show me
Her eyes are watching their own reflection from the glasses.
They say one can see eternity looking at the reflection of his own pupils but her pupils are still
The computer failed, she will be the chosen to see the work of death, an accident interfered with the program
A huge explosion has damaged one of the four
departments of the Broody Chemicals this morning
24 people died 58 people injured two workers were killed by chlorine escape, rescue operations continue
, the police says death toll may rise
The experts found two bodies: one of a man with a
Grin of pain upon his face and one of a woman. They
Still doubt her cause of death, those killed by chlorine
Do not die with a smile of happiness

Part 3

Light tint of blue leaves her satisfied mascara water proof
Favourite lipstick, now smile. Door bell, goes to open,
Strange man, eyes inquiring. "No" she answers "This
Lady's living here no more, got Big money went away"
L'amour est un oiseau rebelle,que nul ne peut apprivoiser
Et c'est bien en vain qu'on l'appelle s'il lui convient de
Refuser Rien n'y fait menace ou priиre l'un parle bien
L'autre se tait. Et c'est l'autre que je prйfure il n'a rien dit Mais il me plaot. L'amour!
May I come in?

Part 4 (After)

I'm so real you're so real sitting in the train going
Through the rain. You're so languid, the one and only
Whom I thought I'd love somewhere high above
It's all ridiculous, it's all so tense. The real possibility to
See the dreams come true. I hate it
So uneasy time flows slowly. Clearly you can see the
Message I Received. I'm so pretty you're so young like
Long before we die, Now it's one more try
My final day recalled her face they heard me pray
Gave one more chance to see her
We were dreaming of the ocean we would recognize in
Each Other's eyes. I'm so silent you're so languid
Listening in the train to just another rain I don't want it no more I can't bare it no more
It's one more chance for us to say what we didn't say, however
Hard we try to fix it, it cannot be the same
One never blinks right like a second before, one never gets a Second younger

Part 5

Deep tint of blue leaves her satisfied mascara water
Proof, favourite lipstick, now smile. Evening coming,
Has to say yes or no. Wet Eyes, runs to the bathroom,
Water on to wash it off, much noise
Can't hear bell ring
У любви как у пташки крылья, ее нельзя никак
Поймать. Тщетны были бы все усилья, но крыльев
Ей нам не связать. Все напрасно, мольбы и слезы, и
Красноречье и скромный вид. Безответная на угрозы, куда ей вздумалось летит. Любовь.
She said yes to another. She had been told the one she loved had died far away.
To the last moment she'd been waiting for him to come but he didn't

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