Hi, here are six young ambitious people (a girl with a jet in her throat and a boy with a power station in his are among us). We hope this site will help you to know something about us and we'd love to hope that it will help us to find YOU.

We have enough energy and talent to make the things happen. Believe it, we have all the reasons to declare it. Don't be shy; listen to our latest music (Leave the Past Behind). If you have ever heard anything like this please let us know because we have not. (Much sure you haven't either). We also add something of our earlier works (Step Beyond).

Don't miss the lyrics. It's something that caused several sleepless nights. Now we can WORK with it, but not just MURMUR it. Both singers are professional actors. The duet like this is hardly to be heard and seen elsewhere. We are really proud of them.

We are very much interested in promotion (tour and release) opportunities. We have not released our music yet. It spreads with the speed of a nuclear blast all over the region. Yet no serious offers from promoters. Wrong time and wrong place perhaps? We are here in the Internet to change it. Join us and you'll hear the future in the music as we don't ever stop. All the time in the world is not enough to fulfill all the ideas we have, that is why we choose the best. That's how it has been that's how it is and that's how it will be.

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